Keepers of the dream

Keepers of the dream

Keepers of the dream Keepers of the dream Keepers of the dream

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About Us

Seattle Women Black Panthers Project

“Panther women became indispensable not only to the Black Panther Party but to the larger civil rights movement as well...they were  “keepers of the dream.” *

The women of the Black Panther Party were instrumental to the success of  the Party's survival programs such as the health centers and school breakfasts. Yet, these women's stories have not been visible. 

Now, our mostly People of Color team has documented the stories of six women involved in the Seattle Black Panther movement. 

Keepers of the Dream: Seattle Women Black Panthers screened to a sold -out audience on February 7th. The February 20th screening is sold out. For future screenings please see 

Then the individual stories will become part of the University of Washington Black Panther History Interviews 

Thanks in part to grants from 4 Culture. 

*Curtis Austin, “Up Against the Wall”  


Francis Dixon

Frances Dixon


 Frances Dixon describes the effects on her of Emmett Till's murder, redlining in Seattle and her son's founding of the Seattle Chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. 

Keeper of the Dream


Frances Dixon's story is the story of African American struggles and victories in the North.     



 In the film she describes her triumphs with fighting job discrimination, her son's imprisonments and death threats against her sons.  

VAnetta Molson-turner

Called to Oakland from Seattle


Vanetta working with the BPP in Oakland to elect Bobby Seale for Mayor of Oakland and Elaine Brown to City Council in 1972, In this photo, Vanetta is working at the Lampost which was a Black Panther Party run club.

Where she lived and worked


Vanetta is standing in front of a mural which is in front on the house where she lived with members of the Seattle Black Panther Party. She had to step over sandbags to get out to do her work with the free clinic and breakfast program.

Phyllis Noble Mobley

Phyllis joined the Seattle BPP at age 15


Her siblings were Seattle Black Panthers. She was allowed to go to Black Panther Party events with her siblings even though she was much younger. 

Phyllis learned that she could succeed in any endeavor.


She created her own hairweaving business. The first of it's kind in Seattle. 

Winona Hollins-Hauge

Winona learned from Carolyn Downs


Carolyn Downs was a strong influence for Winona. Winona was active for 6 months but continued to help Carolyn collect money for the free breakfast program and the health clinic. 

Winona continues social action


Winona co-hosts "The Gospel Highway" on KBCS.She brings socially conscious songs, like "Benediction" by the Paula Boggs Band to the air.

Youlanda givens

Youlanda helped organize and direct a Seattle Black Panther Party Free Breakfast program. She collected donations, bought, cooked and served food at the breakfast program.


Youlanda talks about changing her "look" with a black leather jacket when she joined the Seattle Black Panther Party.


Screenings And Questions

Question asked at screening


Youlanda Givens spoke about the Stockley Carmichael Speech at Garfiled High Shool. Here is the speech that was asked about: 

Vanetta Featured at Seattle Central College


See an exhibit and the documentary about Vanetta Molson-Turner

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Series Produced and Directed by 

Patricia Boiko

Individual Documentaries

Produced and Directed by

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Tajuan LaBee

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Malika Lee

Edited by

Kamaria Daniel

Malika Lee

Tifa Tomb

Patricia Boiko


Omar Willey

Kamaria Daniels 

Production Assistant Veronique Harris


Composed and Directed by SassyBlack

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Trumpet by Katie Green

Trombone by Liana Green

Acoustic Guitar by Stephanie Anne Johnson

Recording and Mixing Engineer  

Ayesha Ubayatilaka

Music Recorded and mixed at Jack Straw Cultural Center, Seattle, WA

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Nico Sanchez

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Supported in part by grants from 4 Culture


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